WECYCLED® ist ein Verfahren der VELENER TEXTIL GmbH



You may ask:

How durable are WECYCLED-textiles?2018-03-20T17:08:23+00:00

Provided with good manufacturing and careful handling you will enjoy the textiles made out of WECYCELD cotton as long as you enjoy your other high-quality textiles. In close cooperation with our partners in the textile chain, we develop the best blend to fulfil the requirements of the product.

What is the origin of the cotton in WECYCLED-textiles?2018-03-20T17:07:44+00:00

We buy our cotton mainly from West Africa and Central-Asia. We have worked with the same suppliers for a long time and we have built good and trustful relationships. We pay special attention to fair pay and good working conditions and of course we don’t accept child labour.

Should I pay special attention when I wash my WECYCELD textiles?2018-03-20T17:06:53+00:00

No. We guarantee the best quality for our yarns for your special application. Washing and caring for WECYCELD-textiles is easy. You can handle them like any other textile. Pay attention to the washing and cleaning instructions and you will enjoy them for a very long time. WECYCELD-textiles will make you happy!

Is every WECYCLED yarn certified as GOTS-Standard?2018-03-20T17:05:39+00:00

We would like to say yes, we are working on that. In the end, our partners’ customers give us their requirements to use conventional or certified cotton. However, if we sell WECYCELD yarn certified GOTS we use only waste out of cotton certified GOTS, of course.

Is it possible to bring my clothes to join the WECYCLED community?2018-03-20T17:04:41+00:00

No. In our WECYCLED system we exclusively use production waste from German textile companies that join our system.

How many raw materials and resources do you save with WECYCLED?2018-03-20T17:04:06+00:00

The exact quota depends on different factors, because we start already in the growing countries: Growing cotton in countries with dry climate conditions requires more water compared to countries with a high humidity.
The quantity of the yarn we use for our WECYCLED system depends on the technology used in the production. The quantity of the woven fabric depends on the product you manufacture. You can imagine that you have more waste if you manufacture a shirt than a bed linen. Generally, the WECYCLED System opens the opportunity to save up to 15% less water and ground. Additionally, you also save energy costs for the transport. The WECYCLED System is in fact an important contribution to textile sustainability.

Do you manufacture WECYCLED out of used material?2018-03-20T17:01:53+00:00

No. We use yarns and woven fabric from the production in the early stages of the process. Unused, clean cotton and yarn, which you have to throw away because of technical reasons. We don’t use worn clothes for our WECYCLED-System.